15 Washington Street

Originally constructed in 1929 for the American Insurance Company and later acquired by Rutgers University, the 21-story 15 Washington Street Building sat vacant for over 13 years until the grand opening in 2015.  The comprehensive renovation and adaptive reuse transformed this dilapidated building into a beacon for the Rutgers-Newark community, housing 350 graduate students in apartment-style residences and providing much needed campus-wide amenities such as large-volume lecture halls, additional classroom space, and a cafe and bookstore.

Joseph B. Callaghan, Inc. was retained to design and document structural modifications and new elements to be incorporated in the renovation. Our design scope included a new entryway, new elevators, a new loading dock, modified stair towers, new mechanical dunnage framing, and new framing for floor and wall penetrations throughout the building. The project was complicated by the historic floor slab system which consists of a draped mesh cinder concrete slab spanning between concrete encased steel framing.