New Structures, Additions & Alterations

Joseph B. Callaghan, Inc. provides the structural engineering services to support the imagination of today’s architects. Whether removing 12 interior columns within a hospital, converting an abandoned warehouse to a place of worship, or designing... read more

Unique Structural Solutions

In the course of our firm’s practice, Joseph B. Callaghan, Inc. has encountered structural challenges that require outward thinking and unique solutions. The firm’s commitment to personalized problem-solving is well suited for such special... read more

Structural Assessment

Determining the structural integrity of a facility, facade, or building component captures our heart at Joseph B. Callaghan, Inc. Whether a concern over building distress or analyzing a floor capacity, our staff has extensive experience in building... read more

Forensic Engineering

What caused a structure failure? Is an assignment of responsibility required? Is there a public safety concern? Does the structure require immediate stabilization? These are difficult questions that require instantaneous answers. In many cases an... read more

Parking Garage Restoration

Parking garages are unique structures due to their exposure to the elements. They must resist thermal stresses, volumetric changes, moisture, and man-made chemicals. Parking garage repairs also offer unique challenges regarding maintaining traffic... read more

Historic Structures

Joseph B. Callaghan, Inc. is proud to have restored many great historical landmarks, both large and small. Our staff has assessed and restored building structures dating back to 1850. From Franklin Field Stadium (1922) to Princeton’s Nassau Hall... read more

Building Envelopes

The building envelope is the fabric of a structure that must work integrally to maintain water and air-tight barriers. The envelope must also “breathe” to prevent uncomfortable living conditions. Whether roofing, facade, windows, plazas, or... read more

Facade Assessment/Repair

Over the past 30 years Joseph B. Callaghan, Inc. has assessed and repaired the facades of over 450 buildings. We have experience in all the typical façade materials, including terra cotta, limestone, brick, granite, marble, brownstone, concrete,... read more